Could your new rabbit be here waiting for you?
  1. Sales Policy
    1. I reserve the right to stop a transaction at any time. If I stop it, your deposit will be returned in full. 2. I guarantee that all my rabbits are healthy when sold, but once they leave my care, I cannot be held responsible for their health or condition. 3. I do not guarantee that any rabbit will win a show or produce offspring. I cannot control a judge's opinion, nor can I control the genetics, nor the environment and care it will receive after it leaves my care. If I sell a rabbit as show quality, I mean that I feel that it has the potential to do well. 4. All payments must be made before a rabbit can leave the rabbitry. Sorry NO checks 5. I can deliver rabbits to any show that I am attending at no additional cost. 6. If you find yourself, unable to care for the rabbit or having a change in heart, feel free to contact me. I will take back any unwanted rabbit, IF I have room
  2. Pedigrees
    Pedigrees are offered with every rabbit purchase, with no additional charge. Every rabbit has a full & complete pedigree, unless stated otherwise. If purchasing a rabbit as a pet, we also offer Birth Certificates - be sure to ask upon inquiry!
  3. Available for purchase
    Bunnies will be ready to leave our rabbitry when they are 8 weeks old. Your new rabbit will leave our rabbitry with a small bag of food (to help with the transition), a rabbit care sheet, and a pine-cone (if available - they are great chew toys). There is NO extra charge for a pedigree. Please ready our Sales Policy in. Feel free to contact us with any questions.
Holland/Lionhead Doe - $10
Growing up with brothers is tough! This little girl was born 5/10/15. This litter was an "oops" litter, due to faulty hutch set up. Therefore, she comes with no pedigree. She is sure to be a delightful pet!